Out of options

Just got a date for 23rd august to start new chemo, told me there’s no more options after this one. I’m gutted. My heads all over the place.

Hopefully this option will be very successful for you. Sending love to you xx

new drugs are being introduced all the time i hope that the chemo you are on lasts until one of the new drugs will be offered to you x

I am so sorry Riversidedown and Shelly10. It must be scary. I hope the treatment will work for you for so long, until something new is introduced.


I am surprised trials are not available. I thought that in the first instance they are offered to those who have less options left.


Thank you for writing about it. Maybe it will be easier for the rest of us when we get to this point.

Thats my worst fear.   What about clinical trials  x

Dont lose hope! 

We are “lucky” that this is a very common type of cancer and hence, half of the wolrd is researching to find more drugs.

Keep fighting! New drugs are on their way!