Out the other side sort of

Hello!! I just wanted to put a post on here to say that everyone is strong and amazing and we’ve all got this!! I am 11 days post OP (left mastectomy and diep rebuild, and full left lymph node removal) and although i was TERRIFIED before my surgery, it all went well!
The nurses were all amazing, I was able to come home on day 4 and since I’ve been home I’ve come on leaps and bounds. From not being able to go far from my arm chair or bed, I’m now able to walk up the road and make my own drink (dont worry, I’m not lifting anything and I’m also not rushing anything)
I’m listening to my body, when it feels too much, I stop. It’s been a bit crazy, and so so scary but I am proof that there is light at the end of the very long tunnel.
I take pleasure in all the small victories along the way, and thats what gets me through day by day.
So if you’re worried, please dont be. The professionals have got this!! You’ll be ok :heart::heart::heart:


@zaran what a beautiful and thoughtful post. I’m three weeks from completing my treatment and can honestly say it really wasn’t tough, in fact it was all quite straightforward and easy. What I have found though is that I feel better than I have for the past two or three years, I’m walking around with a permanent smile on my face and I have a much happier attitude to life.

zaran you’ve got this, keep smiling xxx


I’m so glad you’re in a better place now! Its a strange journey for sure! All the best for the future :heart::heart::heart:

Hi @zaran

That is fantastic news, and great to hear that you are taking things slow and steady. I am in a similar place as you, having had my double mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction exactly 3 weeks ago, and managing to walk a little further each day and now up to a short walk in the local park, but doing little and often with lots of rests.

Everything is healing well, I have just come back from seeing my plastics nurse who is thrilled with my progress, my belly button is being a bit slow and problematic but getting there. Slow and steady was the message from her, as the internal wounds take at least 3 months to heal and for the stitches to start breaking down, lots of walking and the exercises :smiley:

The whole experience has been overwhelming, terrifying, but also, I have been touched by how brilliant and caring everyone in the NHS has been and thankful to the support on this forum and from Breast Cancer Now. As you say @zaran trust the professionals they will look after you :heart: :two_hearts:


Hi @zaran,
Thank you for the lovely, positive post :slightly_smiling_face: We’re on a similar time frame I think, as I had right side mastectomy, immediate DIEP flap reconstruction and SLNB two weeks ago. I totally agree about the NHS being amazing. The whole team who looked after me have been absolutely brilliant, and having professionals to be able to get in touch with is invaluable.
Wishing you all the best with your recovery x

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Thank you so much for sharing your progress and postivity @zaran, @nannabee, @Summer-sunshine and @dorri. The forum is always here for you however you are feeling <3

Thinking of you all,