Ovarian Ablation

I have an Oestrogen positive (HER II positive) BC. A year on from my initial diagnosis and my periods have suddenly returned (much to my annoyance as I have terrible periods). I am now looking at the arguments for and against having ovarian ablation to possibly help reduce the risk of the cancer returning by cutting down my oestrogen levels (although according to my onc, the jury is still out on this one). I am really undecided and would be so grateful if any of you young pre-menopausal women out there could share your experiences with me. Although I would like nothing more than to never have a period again (and I don’t plan any more children) I am terrified at the prospect of a forced early menopause and what effect it will have on me, my s-x drive etc etc… Has anyone been through this?

Hi KoolKat,

I’ve put for you below the link to BCC’s publication regarding ovarian ablation which you may find useful to read.


And also the link to the area of our website that covers this:


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Hi Koolkat

I was dx 14 months ago, had wle, rads, and have been on tamoxifen and zoladex for a year now. Im 35 with 2 children. Right from the start my onc said at anytime I could stop the zoladex and have an oopherectomy. I am now booked in for this op in June. My side effects from tam and zol have not been too bad. All I have is about 6 flushes a day and occasional mood swings (onc thinks because mum had no probs re menopause either). I am expecting that things may get worse after the op but no more zoladex and no more periods sounds great! I am already taking calcium and having bone density scans. I am not too worried if the side effects of the menopause get worse after my op (but hopefully they wont!), its worth it to try and stop the cancer returning.

Good luck with your decision, although be aware that some oncs wont refer you, depends on their opinion.

hi koolkat
had bi-lateral mastectomy 3 yrs ago,went on tamoxifen, which gave me cysts on ovaries, had them out last april, had terrible hot flushes (coped with these) and night sweats, so couldn,t sleep, but have been on veliflexin (anti-depressant)for symptoms and can now get a good nights sleep,gyno dr said will be on these for 2 yrs as this is how long it.ll last which will be shorter than if you went through menopause naturally,as for sex life no periods no chance of getting pregnant, great

Thanks to all for your comments. This is really really helpful. My Onc is quite happy to refer me to a gynaecologist (he’s a good onc) and I think I will consider the ooph very seriously. Thanks again to all for taking the time to reply.