Ovarian cyst?

Hi all
i was dx 3 weeks ago with grade 2 ductal bc. Today I saw the fertility clinic to consider having my eggs frozen. When they did the scan they found a 2.2cm ovarian cyst. Is there any link? Should I get my breast care nurse to have a look into it as the fertility clinic didn’t think this seemed to matter. has anyone had a similar experience?

Esther xxx

Hi Esther

You might find it helps to talk this over with one of our helpline staff. The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. 0808 800 6000. Calls are free and confidential.

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Research seems to indicate that there is no increased breast cancer risk for those with ovarian cysts. If anything there is a reduced breast cancer risk. I have looked into it as I had BC six years ago and my 18 year old daughter now suffers from recurring ovarian cysts.

There is an association between pre-menopausal women on tamoxifen and ovarian cysts but that is different, as it is taking tamoxifen that seems to cause this.

I have something called polycystic ovary syndrome. and i have to say my Onc never once mentioned a link.

I am older than you at 52 now. I am going to my health centre to get a re-scan done on my ovaries as I had 2 cysts last year. He just wants to check them before I go ahead with my gynae op. One of them was quite big.
I had ovary cysts before when younger, and a couple when I was pregnant. Mostly they do disappear on their own. The hospital advised me that this would be the case. No treatment.
I think they just want to check that I am ok to go ahead as like you I had grade 2 ductal (dxFeb12). Ovarian cysys are very common; they did not interfere with my fertility.
But to put your mind at ease, it maybe as well to speak to your BCN.

Thanks all. Had my wLe and snb yday. V sore today! Not worried about the cyst now as I’ve spoken to my breast care nurse and my fertility clinic. 2 consultants looked at it and its fine. So I am v pleased. :smiley: x