ovarian reserve test

Just had my results of my AHM test and its 6.4 not quite sure what this means?

the lady said on the phone that she shouldnt really give me the results on the phone but did it anyway, she said that between 6 and 21 is normal below 6 is low and above 21 is high etc but looking on the internet 6.4 is classed as low?

Does anyone know if 6.4 is normal reserve? I am 30yrs old and had the test just before i started chemo in november

I think without the backing documents to interpret the findings are the vital component… The measurements used in interpreting might be different Eg comparing normal temp in farenheit and centigrade… From what I can see and that’s just from googling there seems to be levels between 0.7 to 3.5 being normal and then 14 and over is normal… I think it’s a bit more complicated as the normal range seems to vary by your age… A younger woman with a lower reserve but better fertility might be within normal range however an older women with the same results it maybe out with normal.

Not sure if that makes much sense to you but I think that without all the factors it’s very hard to say whether the results are good or not… But if she said they shouldn’t I’ve them over the phone then I don’t think she should have done so especially as it will now probably cause you some worries.

Lulu xx

PP just came across this and it has a wee graph at the bottom which might help… When it says 6.4 this could mean 64 on this chart… Bit like a normal HB being 11-13 or 110-130 depending on the dilution…


Also this is just from this companies data.