Ovaries removed or Zolodex

I’m seeking opinions really.  I’m about to start exemestane with monthly Zolodex injections, but I’m also being given the option of ovary removal too, and was wanting to hear from anyone who can give me advice or experiences of either/both to help me make my decision. 


A little bit of history: I’ve had blood clots (in the leg and lungs) during chemo, which is why I can’t have tamoxifen and my ovaries are starting to kick in (I’m 48) so I’m not even post menopausal.  I also reacted badly to the docetaxol and had to stop chemo early because of it, so I’m a bit anxious about how my body will take this new regime.  It’s been 7 months since radiotherapy ended (surgery and chemo were first), and I haven’t been able to start the hormone therapy yet due to the after effects of the bad chemo reaction and some other new issues raising their heads (under control now). I had a primary breast cancer tumour diagnosed Nov 2017, grade 1, lymph node involvement so lumpectomy and full axial node clearance, the tumour was very large (51mm) and ER+ (8/8).  I’ve had 4 rounds of chemo and 20 sessions of high dose radiotherapy. 


Many thanks in advance, 


Hi Sharon
I’m currently having the zoladex injections, plus letrozole. Have been doing so now for just over 2 years. I was offered ovary removal, but couldn’t face more surgery, so declined. Also, having ovaries removed, would put you into instant menopause, and I wasn’t sure about that. Having the zoladex implants, are not too bad. Initially, I did feel unwell for a few days after, like coming down with a cold, but then that passed. I generally suffer with fatigue and joint aches and pains, but I think that is due the the letrozole ( apparently!). I’ve just had a blood test to see whether I’m now menopausal and waiting results. If and when I am, then the implants will stop.
With any of the treatments offered, I always grip my teeth and get on with it, believing that that is the best chance of non reoccurance.
Best wishes
Sue xx

Hi Sharon. I had left mastectomy in 2016 and on Anastrazole for 10 years. I didn’t need chemo or radiotherapy even though I had micromet on sentinel node. I was 54 when diagnosed and peri menopausal so for the first few months I was also having monthly zolodex injections in my stomach. I found this inconvenient and didn’t like taking a double whammy of hormones so I suggested ovary removal to my onc. He said he was going to suggest it when things had settled down a bit for me. So I had them removed and afterwards the surgeon who did the op said “congratulations, you’ve done all you can do”. Recovery was straight forward and I have a small scar at bikini line - and no more zolodex! Debbie x