ovaries Hi can someone please tell me, why you opt to have your ovaries out, after being diagnose with BC, i was diagnosed jan last year, and following lumpectomy, and 15 rads i am now on tamoxifen, but nothing as ever been mentioned about ovaries, so i am curious as to why some of you opt to have them taken away.


Gentetics Hi Karen,

Some forms of BC are also connected to cancer of the ovaries, but NOT all. If you have the BRACs gene, there may be a higher risk of ovarian cancer, which of course is more difficult to detect and much harder to treat, so current school of thought is why take the risk?

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Ovaries Hi Karen

I decided to have my ovaries removed because my tumour was 100% oestrogen receptive. I am on Arimadex and did have 2 x Zoladex injections to make sure that they were closing down. I was the one who asked for it done, but my oncologist did agree to it.

Hope that that helps.



I also had to shut my ovaries down, as I was pre-menopausal with an ER+ tumour and Tamoxifen didn’t work for me. By inducing a premature menopause, I could access other hormone therapies that will hopefully do the business. I am also starving the existing tumour and any floating cancer cells of oestrogen.

Obviously there are a whole load of side effects that go with this, though, so it’s not a decision that is taken lightly. I’m sure that if you needed to consider it, your onc would discuss all the available options with you (ooph, ablation or Zoladex injections), so if s/he hasn’t, it probably means you’re safe!

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Hi Karen

When i was diagnosed my doctor asked me to consider having my ovaries removed. My mum has had ovarian cancer and as there is a link between the two types (breast and ovarian) I will definitely be having mine taken out - why risk it!

Ju x

Hi Thanks for the replies, so if i needed to have my ovaries removed my consultant would of mentioned this at diagnose of the BC.