ovaries ?

Hi was wondering why some people are having there ovaries removed, or why people keep saying about it . Im having bilateral mastectomy next friday with full node clearence so have enough to worry about . But now it seems everyone even the t.v (eastenders) is talking ovaries , any help would be great , also can someone tell me about Herceptin thanks josie1

Hi Josie I had my ovaries and all bits out.1 because im hormones positive. 2 my bleeding was getting worse each month never stop with chemo or pills.3 i feel so much better.4 results after op all clear of cancer.But there was cells grouping which would of gone on to cancer so happy i went ahead with it. Jane


i am not an expert on why some people have their ovaries removed or not, with a hormone receptive cancer.My cancer is not hormone receptive. But I am having my ovaries removed because there is a faulty gene in my family which makes ovarian cancer more likely, i know this from my family tree. I am nearly forty and have had my children so that makes the decision easier.I hope some others who have had theirs removed explain why.

I am on herceptin. I have just had number 14 out of 18. Herceptin is an infusion like chemo that you get every three weeks. It has some side effects, but not anywhere near as bad as chemo. You get it if your tumour is her2 positive. Herceptin works on stopping the cancer cells over expressing a protein that makes them grow. Macmillan do a good explanation on herceptin if you look on their site.

I would talk to your bcn about your worries about ovaries.

good luck