I was diagnosed las week with Stage 2b ILC ( one lymph node involved). We still haven"t completed our family.- I am 37. We were referred to the IVF clinic to explore the possibility of freezing eggs to be used once chemo is over. As part of this this offer me a scan of my ovaries. The consultant and doctor there identified a cyst on one of my ovaries. I of course went into overdrive and asked him twice if he thought it was cancer but he said he didn’t and can normally tell right away. He said we should just keep an eye on it in the next 2-3 months. He then said I am to call back at the start of the week if we want to go ahead with this IVF procedures. I was in a daze at this point as all i could think was - he has found something on my ovary. I’m thinking if he was concerned he ( and the other doc who did the ultrasound ) would have said then and there rather than ask me to let them know if i want to go ahead with IVF. I am thinking of how quickly the docs reacted when I pitched up at the breast clinic ( for peace of mind- ha!) there was no messing about . it is just how i sure we all feel- so paranoid about scans. WOuld be interested to hear what others think and what i should be doing. thanks x

Dear Flower,

I would trust your docs - cysts are very common on ovaries and they are fluid filled so easy to identify on US - don’t let this interfere with your decision about the IVF.



They also found a cyst on my ovary when I had a scan for egg freezing, they drained it while they were harvesting my eggs, had another scan the other day and no sign of any cysts.

I do have a history of endometrisosis, so I think mine was a result of that. They said they would normally deal with the cyst before the process, but because of the limited time period they wouldn’t in my case.

Hope all goes well with everything