Ovary pain/twinges


I was just wondering if anyone with a similar history to mine is having quite regular/sometimes constant ovary pain/twinges? 

I was diagnosed in Feb 2021. Stage 3, ER8, PR8 and HER2+ Tumour and Lymph’s 

Chemo/herceptin Feb - September 2021. Surgery in Oct, 3 weeks radiotherapy then started chemo again Feb 2022 with last one due to be 9th Dec.

I am on monthly zoladex injections and daily exemestane and havent had a period since Feb last year.  

I have had the odd twinge before but I thought it was in my head but the last few weeks it’s so much more regular and I can’t find anything but ovarian cancer on Dr Google! 

thanks in advance

Could be lots of “non cancer “ explanations . I don’t think ovarian cancer tends to cause many symptoms which is why it is often missed . Hormone meds can cause all sorts of changes - maybe you could ask about this in the Ask the  Nurses section ? Please also flag this up with your breast care nurse , they can refer you on for investigation if they feel it’s needed .

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