Ovary removal next week

Im 35, widowed and no children. Im about to have key hole surgery to have my ovaries removed and this year have had masectomy, aux clearance, chemo and jsut finished rads last week - Im really scared of further surgery. The aim of this is not only for me to recieve Armidex but also to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer as awaiting genetics results but have a family history - really scared, such a baby!!

hi lisa i had this done recently (aug) the op itself was actually ok no problems. i was out the following day. your not a baby at all you are taking steps to prevent yourself from cancer. are u having hrt im 32 and no hrt x

hiya, thanks for that. No HRT for me, have you had lots of side effects??

I wonder if you would think someone else was a baby if they told you they had been through a cancer diagnosis, chemo, rads, breast surgery, and were also a widow? I suspect you wouldnt.
I greatly admire you for going for the ovarian surgery after what you have already been through - not because it is an operation to be feared (as lainey says you are hardly in hosp before they want you out!), but to have the mental/emotional courage to carry on doing what you feel is right. You sound to be near the end of a very long road, and you’ve done the worst bits - if you can stick with it a bit longer it will be worth it. Have you thought about seeking a bit of emergency support to help you over this hurdle by talking to your GP or Consultant, or Breast Care Nurse (I know BCNs are not there to help with gynea issues - but they will be concerned about your overall health and whether your worry may start to affect that - so I am sure they would talk over your worries with you if it would help).
I do hope you manage to cope with it.
Best wishes.

hi lisa i have had loads of menopause symptoms my hot flashes started about a week after op,constant headaches,night sweats,crying i get it all but 1st of all i always remind myself it cant kill me ovarian cancer can. i had op only start of aug and am now dealing with symptons as at 1st they are horrific but very quickly u adapt to them. im not saying menopause is easy it isnt but i have learnt to adjust i have my off days but then who doesnt. just have plenty of rest as it can also make u tired due to being up most nights. i used to think a hot flush was a feeling of heating up slightly boy was i wrong i feel im going to explode and strip off at every oppurtunity( not ideal in supermarkets) but again u learn which clothes are better to wear. i am also on an amazing menopause forum where there is someone there always to speak to when u have op let me know if u want link to it and u will get lots of help and a good laugh also. but please lisa dont go into it thinking it will be easy as its not but u will adapt. please keep me posted and feel free to ask any questions lainey xx

Thanks lainey, you are very true in what you say and Im defo not going into it thinking easy as heard so much about it, got headaches at mo but hoping its just stress as paranoid about spread as aunt only been given months. Need to work on the rest part as always at work as it keeps me occupied. Thanks would like link after op, at mo I am soooo scared of ops, was terrible state when went for masectomy and had trouble getting anesthetic in never mind now with my veins the way they are. Thanks for your help though much appreciated.

p.s. do you have lots of stiches and a drain after Op. Going into a hospital a few hours away as my local one doesnt do one.

Jane, thanks maybe I need to look at things differently. Off to see nurse tomorrow as ive a few aches and pains and this has come at a time when Im paranoid about spread as my aunt was told yesterday that she ony has few months left and its really flawed me as she had B Cancer which spread to Liver. Maybe a good cry will help. thanks every so much for your support.

Hi Lisaf
I had ovaries removed this year in Jan by keyhole surgery. In one day out next, would have been in and out same day but op was too late in the day. No drains, and apart from one incision which was stitched the other three were glued. Hot flushes have been the worse thing to cope with in my case, but are alot easier now.
Good luck x

Can I ask a question ladies I am on Zoladex and Tam at the moment and just turned down the chance of Oophorectomy next month feel I need a bit more of a break before more surgery. What I would like to know is you say after the op the hot flushes and sleepless nights are bad Im getting these now so would they be even worse if I had the op?


lisa— i had a cut at my belly button i at right side and one above bikini line all quite small . i did have a drain and a cathater as they found a massive cyst on my ovary otherwise there would have been no need for these…xx

owls4eva-- i believe due to info on meno forum they do get worse after surgical menopause as when a woman is natural menopause her body still produces a small amount of hormone but when ovaries out then nothing. i think after op there is enough hormones still in body for a short while i was ok for 1week max. xx

Hi Lisa

I had hysterectomy with keyhole surgery in July this year. I went in at 7.00am and was home by 10.30pm. I have a small scar in my belly button and two smaller scars below left and right side. I can honestly say it was fine. As for your veins I understand completely as mine have all collapsed from chemo. That bothered me more than the op, they eventually sited the cannula on the inside of my good arm.

Started taking Arimidex day after, not keen on side effects from that but hey its supposed to be the best so thats good enough for me.

Hope all goes well for you, will be thinking about you.

Love Elaine xxx

Thanks Elaine! Not keen on them using my good arm but needs must! Thanks for response!