ovary removal

i am 47 and had dble mastectomy last year with tram/diep flaps,i am due to have my ovaries out next week and am very worried about how this will affect my stomache.has anyone else had this done?

Hi zsazsa,
there are some threads on ovary removal or oophorectomy in the undergoing surgery section.I will also be having my ovaries removed but haven’t got a date yet,basically I can’t take tamoxifen and this is the only treatment to reduce oestrogen that is available to me as I am not menopausal.think it will be pretty much same as any abdominal surgery.you could find out whether it will be done by keyhole surgery (smaller incision) or laparotomy,(larger)as this will affect how long it takes you to recover.

thanks looking lovely! havnt been on here for a year now,its all different!.will have a look at the ones you suggested.have been told i cant take tamoxifen either.am just worried because i have got a lot of mesh in my stomache,holding it all together!dont want them to tunnel thru it!!as far as i know they are doing it laparoscoply.

I had my op by keyhole and it was quick and painless. They went in the bellybutton with thw camera and then 2 small incisions on each side to remove each ovary. I have 2 small x’s they look like a little kiss.
I went in at 8am and was allowed home at 5pm. Good luck.
Love Debsxxx

thank you debs,i am feeling a bit better about it all now,it always helps to come on here and ask others in the same boat!was just worried about the mesh that they put in,but at pre assess yday the nurse reminded me that they go in with a camera! i forgot that! hope you are ok now? when did you have yours?

Hi there ZsaZsa
I had my ovaries removed in December. I stayed in overnight as my blood pressure was quite low. I have a small scar on my tummy button and like the other lady, two little “X” marks on either side. I also had another “x” cut just above the top of my bikini line.

As I’d had a hysterectomy when I was 27 (endometiral cancer), the surgeon had to have a good “root around” - his words, so probably took a little longer than normal to find my ovaries.

I thought it was going to be a breeze, but I was quite sore for a around a week or so afterwards. They pump air into your tummy to enable them to see inside, and this makes your tummy rather bloated. AFter surgery, the remaining air can rise up to your shoulders when you sit up, which can be rather painful, so don’t be alarmed - it is quite normal, just try and lie down again to relieve it. This will pass in 24 hours. I was expecting to drive after a couple of days, but it wasn’t until a good 8-9 days that I felt strong enough to. Having said that 4 weeks later I was skiing in the Alps!!

So just take it easy, and just listen to your body. If you are tired, make sure you have a rest.

Good luck and if you have any other questions, just ask.

Best wishes xxxxx

thank you so much for that, i had a hysterectomy as well 5 years ago,so they will probably have a good root around in me as well!! what with the mesh too!! at least by chatting to others on here it makes you feel better about things.hope you are ok now?

had ovaries out on mon,not feeling too bad,when did you notice any symptons of the menopause? did you take hrt?

Hi there ZsaZsa

How are you doing now? So sorry I haven’t replied earlier, but I haven’t been on line for a while. Hope you are starting to feel “normal” after your op, and that you are still taking it easy?!

After the op, my oncologist changed my meds from Tamoxifen to Aromasin and my hot flushes etc seemed to reduce dramatically. I have been sleeping all through the night rather than waking up sweaty 3 - 4 times! I don’t know whether that is because of having my ovaries out or the Aromasin? Having said that, I had a bit of a cold the other week and my body temperature went haywire for a week or so, but it seems to have settled now. I feel so much better and the worry of any problems on my ovaries has now gone - thank goodness. For me and I am sure for you as well, this has definately been the right thing to do.

My oncologist has booked me in for yearly bone scans, just to keep an eye on that - I take calcium and make sure I exercise - so hopefully any side effects of an oopherectomy ie- osteoperosis etc, is reduced.

Good luck ZsaZsa and do let me know how you are getting on.

Best wishes