Ovary removal

I was diagnosed in Sept 2018 - my tumour was ER+.  I had a mastectomy and axillary node clearance and then FEC-T chemo and am going to have radiotherapy starting later on this month.  My oncologist said that as I am 48 the chemo was likely to push me into menopause.  However my blood tests suggest that this hasn’t happened and so I am now being advised to have (keyhole) surgery to remove my ovaries.  My experience of surgery was not great and I am still in some discomfort from it so I am really not keen on the idea of more surgery but, clearly, would be worried about going against the oncologist’s advice.

It would be really helpful to hear from anyone who has had this surgery…?


Hi Nellie, I was diagnosed with Bc In 2014 and then 3 years later had cysts on my ovaries. Due to my history they suggested they, along with my fallopian tubes be removed. I had keyhole surgery, it didn’t take long and only have 2 tiny scars to show for it. The first couple of days It was uncomfortable a bit like cramp, but not unbearable with paracetamol. This does put you into a surgical menopause about a week later. It was like someone turning a tap off! All the symptoms of the menopause all happened at once. It is difficult to know what to do especially when you have to decide rather than the decision being made for you. Happy to help if you have any questions…xx

Hi - have they offered you Zoladex as an alternative - it shuts down the ovaries on a temporary basis and could be used as an alternative to surgery - obviously has its own side effects / drawbacks .