over 3 years

It’s now over 3 years since I was dx with a grade 3 tumour and 3/24 nodes involved.

Three years ago I was planning my funeral. I was so convinced that I was dying. Surgery, chemo and rads followed and whilst it wasn’t pleasant, it was do-able.

Fast forward three years and where am I? I’ve re-assessed my priorities, given up work, enjoy time with my family and enjoy wonderful holidays, and travelling in general.

Do I still worry about the future? Of course, I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t, but hopefully the worries are where they should be, in a box at the back of my mind (they do come out - too often) but I enjoy life again. My hair is now better than it was before (although it took a couple of years) and I’m happy with my lot.

So, to all those newly dx, it will get better.


PS I’ll be offline next week. I’m off on a cruise!

Thank u4that these are the sort of posts that bring me up when im down and thinking what a long dark rd…Im so happy that u r enjoyin life…Im doing radio now done 6chemo’s and feeling drained…So thank u again4posting.Xsarahx

Lovely post - thank-you xx

I am undergoing treatment for similar and it *really* helps to hear positive outcomes. It helps me find strength.

Hi ladies.
Maltomlin great topic thanks for starting and hope you have a lovely break and congrats on the over 3 years.

I always like to say something when I see posts like this as I remember wanting and needing to read things that helped me when I was diagnosed.

Like most of us, when I was diagnosed with grade 3, several lymph nodes involved (one very large) a 4cm lump in breast and widespread DCIS oh and also HER2+ I was terrified of what the future held for me. Anyway here I am almost 4 years down the line my hair has grown back to its full glory (maybe not quite so thick), I’ve just got engaged to the most amazing man and life is just very very good.

Hope this gives some encouragement

Thats great ruby,ur right i look out4posts like this,mine is a grade3 invasive,i didnt find this sight 4a while glad i did!Its these posts that really pull u up…Xsarahx

Great to hear good news. Congratulations on your engagement Ruby, wishing you all the happiness in the world.


Hi Ruby1

Brillaint news on both counts! Long may you remain well and wonderful news on your engagement! J.

What great news. Keep these positive postings coming!


Hi Maltomlin

I think we were dx about the same time. So glad you’re doing OK with NED. I’ve just had the all clear from my third annual mammo.

Apart from a few niggly health probs, I’m enjoying life to the full with grandchildren!

I get tired easily, but if I’m sensible and go to bed early/rest/don’t try to do everything, then I’m OK.

I’m 50 in Sept - I really didn’t think I’d make it that far 3 years ago.

Onwards and upwards, ladies!


Ruby - congratulations! - onward and upward. All the best.

Claire, I’m coming up to my 60th, so a bit older than you, but much the same. My energy levels aren’t quite back to what they were, and I feel it when I’ve had the grandkids for a while BUT I’m off the scale to where I was a couple of years ago.

Whilst I don’t forget how I felt then I’m so thankful that life really is good again and I can enjoy it.


hi just had my 4 year anniversary of DX and all is NED.