Over paranoid?

I have bad eczema so at first the rash around each ofmy nipples seemed normal. But it’s really painful, it’ll eventually scab over but then the scab comes off in the shower so it’s back to square 1. I sometimes have to have a wee but of tissue in my bra. Coud this be breast cancer? Has anyone been through symptoms like this? I’m only 19 and I’m petrified.

Hi Mamamia.


It would be very unlikely that you have breast cancer, being only 19, but perhaps you should still get it checked out. If your GP is supportive, they might still refer you to a breast clinic to confirm one way or another. However, the sad fact is that very few GPs would think it necessary. Try anyway, tell them you are scared and need your mind putting at rest.


Sending hugs and best wishes


poemsgalore xx