over thinking ?

hi again …my appointment for the biopsy results is on the 13th january 2022 that is nearly 3 weeks away and im now thinking what if it has spread by then …im so worried, for all i know its prob already spread to other parts …sorry to ramble

Hi again !!! I was worried about this - my surgeon told me that most breast cancers ( even IBC) grow very slowly and by the time they are detected they have usually been developing for years and that a few weeks makes very little difference to prognosis when waiting to start treatment .

they may well get your results sooner than your appointment so you could be able to be set free from this horrible anxious limbo land :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Do you have support to help you through the next few weeks ?


Just replied to your comment on my thread but just to add…the wait for me between verbal confirmation and biopsy was the hardest wait but this week I had confirmation and treatment plan discussions and somehow I felt relieved even though I am now waiting for dates for urgent CT ad MRI scans, relief is just starting the process of help and knowing I am in experienced and excellent care of doctors and nurses who KNOW and are there for us.

Jane x