Overies out with no HRT age 38

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had overies out at a similar age and how you have got on without any HRT etc? I was 37 when diagnosed had mastectomy and full lymph node clearance, Chemo and Radiotherapy. I was highly ER+ 8/8

I am due to have my overies out along with a full hysterectomy at the end of the month on 29th Aug. I am obviously worried of all the menopause things like hot flushes etc but what worries me the most are my moods and temper. So looking for some advise on how people felt after (good or bad) I have no idea what to expect.

Thank you xx

Hi WolfEE,

As you haven’t had a reply yet, do feel free to chat to our nurses if you’re worried about this. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000.

Take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care.

Hi Wolfee


Hope your surgery went well x


I too had full hysterectomy at age 31 ( I am now 38) and am not allowed on HRT due to my cancer type being TRIPLE NEGATIVE and also BRCA1 carrier.


I have recently apporached my Gp to see if there is anything non hormonal I can take to ease the symptoms.


I have been experinencing hot flushes ever since surgery and other less common things like fatigue and irritabiilty/moods.


I had not realised the hot flushes were actually affecting my sleep pattern until visit to my GP basically telling him I was unable to live like this and now am on amitryptiline which does act as a mild sedative (actually an antidepressant medication but I am on a low dose). This for me was the biggest area affecting my mood that I had no idea of that i was not even sleeping properly through the night. i still sleep on and off but am much better now.


The moods and temper as you described kind of creep up on you and is a gradual thing. I did not even realise my symptoms were that bad until my daughter brought it to my attention and our relationship began to be affected.


Most people ‘our age’ can’t really relate to our symptoms but at least now I something in commo with my mum who is in her 60’s…Our symptoms will always be much worse and aggresive than those that gradually move into the menoupause because we were unnaturally forced into it prematurely so it’s like our bodies go into shock.


I suffer from weak bones, and now have osteoprosis so have back knee, back and hip pan occasionally.


if i knew then what I knew now I would have delayed surgery but mine was prevetative ovarian cancer surgery as i had had breast cancer the year before and they couldn’t be sure of what the lump on my ovaries was. turns out it was not cancerous however i know  have cut my risk dramatically as there is no screening in the area i’m from so felt I had no choice at the time. 



Hello Lilly, thank you for replying. My hysterectomy and overy surgery was 11 weeks ago now and physically healed very quick I was back at work after about 3 weeks even though I had a six week sick note.
My sleep has never been worse I’ve never been a great sleeper but do wonder at the moment If I ever sleep longer than an hour at a time. I feel so heavy eyes at 8:30pm can’t keep eyes open end up nodding off then wake up 10pm feeling like it should be morning and can’t sleep all night. I’ve tried forcing myself through the 8:30 thing stay up later but it’s hard. The hot flushes I think are better than a lot of people have so I can’t complain but they are now starting to get s but more frequent is it possible I have delayed symptoms can they take a couple of months to fully surface? My mood is very low and I’m struggling with concentration and short term memory but again could this just be lack of sleep??
My Dexa scan results shockingly showed early osteoporosis 2.5 on my hip and spine so I’m taking a weeekky tablet for bone strength thankfully this doesn’t cause me pain yet I was shocked already to have this i must have been heading for it prior overies coming out??
I’m thinking I may ask my gp for amatrptaline also but worry I’ll feel groggy or up late for work in the mornings.
Oh and weight just creeps up and up.
My surgery was also preventative safe guarding from overian in future and bring eastrogen levels down for bc reoccurrence.
I get very snappy and short tempered with my boss I hate myself for it.