Overwhelming nerves

Got my appt tomorrow afternoon to get results of ct, MRI and bone scan. I was diagnosed on 4 march with cancerous small lump but also some cells in the lymph. Where I live they do all the scans then come up with the plan. I’ve hated the waiting but am so nervous about tomorrow’s appt as so scared if has spread elsewhere. Finding it all overwhelming today. I hope all you other ladies are hanging on in there as best you can x

It’s all so very terrifying isn’t it, I was diagnosed on Monday with Tubular breast cancer after a few weeks of tests and it has all driven me out of my mind, I’m barely functioning and feel like I’ve been thrown in to the debth of hell at the minute, I am a strong rational person normally and do not know how to cope with all of this, I have tremendous support from my husband and family and friends but it’s still a very lonely place to be, I am having a lumpectomy next Friday and then hopefully just a few weeks of radiation bit will not rest until all the post op results are back, please feel free to PM me of you what to talk through anything, we all need to be helping each other though the best we can and you need to know we are all feeling the same emotions, best of luck for tomorrow my love xx

I have two young children (5 and 3) so had to put on a front during the day. My husband not coping as well as me and I hope he can once we get the results and a firm plan. My lump was only 8mm but it has gone to lymph so I’m looking at surgery and chemo. My appt not till 4pm so by then I’ll be a jibbering wreck!!! Good luck next fri. Hopefully we will all feel calmer once we doing something about this pesky thing inside us x

Hi Tra6… Will someone be going with you tomorrow? Hope so. And whatever the results I think you will feel relieved and more in control once you know the results and your treatment plan is clear. I was anxious about getting the results of my scans, convinced it had spread everywhere. But I felt better once I got my results even though they weren’t great. Also might be a good idea to take a notebook with you to jot down notes / information.

Hi Tra how did you get on? X

Hi Bernie

Thanks for asking . Tests still ongoing.

With regards the BC I asked for a masectomy and had this done on 26 March. I’m 15 days on healing well and quite relieved. They found a scar on my liver and cyst in ovary on initial scans. They said they were not concerned about them but needed to follow through with more tests to defo rule out. The hosp I’m with made nationsl news due to their poor results regards cancer care do think they extra careful. So had another MRI on liver which showed a scar still but they now taking biopsy to be really sure. And an ultrasound on cyst. They reassuring me it’s just to conclude there is nothing and that they are not worried. But I shall worry!!! Some good news - only one node was affected when they need node clearance. So I feel but further forward but still waiting. Guess that’s how this will be And got to learn to go with the flow. Hope u getting in ok

Hi Tra thank you for your message. I hope you continue to do well and the biopsy is ok xx