Ovestin Cream

Hi everyone, hope you can help me just as you have a million times before!!!

My onc has prescribed me OVESTIN CREAM otherwise known as ESTRIOL. It has been given to me to help with the vaginal dryness that is a side effect of all the treatments such as chemo, rads and hormone therapies.
Problem i have is the instruction leaflet in the pack tells you it must not be used if you have had bc. Can anyone advise me on whether they have used this cream, if it works and if there has been any need to be scared of using it because of bc?

I’m sure onc wouldn’t have given me it if he thought it was going to cause me long term complications, especially as he has told me i am high risk of recurrence due to my bc being genetic. My mum had bc twice in her life and had a double mx at 70.

Would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this cream and can reasure me and my husband that it is safe to try. Thank you xx

Hi, yes its ok to use dont worry.
I have been on similar perrsaries for about a year because of thining skin. She said it was a very good treatemnt and perfectly safe to use.
Lets face it, it shouldnt matter too much any way if the taxoxifen or femara are doing their job.
I hope it works for you, sex was completely impossible for me- no problem with dryness but with thinning skin lubricants made no difference at all. After a month on my treatment i was back to normal - what a relief :slight_smile:

Pineapple, thank you so much for your reassuring reply. This site is a godsend.
My problem is very similar to yours as you say lubricants don’t help a jot as they just disappear in seconds making sex extremely painful rather then pleasurable.

I shall give it a try and hope i have the same success as you have. Thank you xx

I had to use it every night for the first month and then 2 or 3 times a week after. I found i only need to use it twice a week. It doesnt help with the lub factor - but i didnt need it anyway - it was the thinning of the skin. When hubby inspected me he said it all looked like red tissue paper ! ouch, and no wonder it was killing me, felt like i was being cut with a sharp knife.
Good luck.

Hi Mounties,

I too have used this cream and my Onc has assurred me its quite safe. Like you my bc was genetic and I have a higher risk than ususal of recurrance so I don’t think my Onc would have prescribed it if she felt there was the slightest risk.

Hi Mounties

I am using the pessaries rather than the cream, but the same thing essentially.

Have been using then for about 2 months, as I had the same issue as Pineapple, sex being impossible because of the pain.

My tumour was extremely hormone sensitive, but the onc said this would be ok to use, and I must say the difference has been fantastic!

Can’t describe the difference it has made.

Love Deborahx

I’ve used it too! It really helped and my consultant said that the level of oestrogen was tiny and if any got into my system, the Tamoxifen would sort it out!

I must say I envy you guys.

Both my tumours were ER+ and every onc I’ve ever asked about this has said it’s far too dangerous for me to use, even when taking AIs.

There’s no consistency. It’s very disappointing and disheartening.

Take care, all




Ask your onc about Replens. It’s another type of lubricant that apparently has no oestrogen, but seems to do the trick. My tumours were also ER+, but I’ve been told it’s fine for me to use this. And you can get it on prescription. I just need to feel the urge now…!

But Replens is no use if the problem is thin skin. Replens is just a lubricant - so only good if you are dry.

Hi Angelfalls

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried Replens a few years ago and it didn’t work for me - in fact, I thought it was rubbish.

I’ve got some Sylk, which I find better, but, as you say, it’s the ‘urge’ that’s missing and you only get that (oh, and cancer, of course) from oestrogen.

What a bummer it all is …



Hi, i’ve just been prescribed Ovestin Cream for the same problem and was confused because my onc says it’s fine and the info leaflet with says don’t use. I googled the question and found this site and i must say it’s been a comfort to me. I feel much happier about using it and am hoping it will be successful. Thanks.