Oxycodone withdrawal - any experience?

In March I had a very nasty and extensive case of cellulitis, which was unfortunatly not diagnosed until it was very bad and very painful. I was on morphine in hospital, but the palliative care oncologist put me on OxyContin 40mg bd (slow release oxycodone). It was amazing and actually stopped the pain for the first time, and I slept like a baby.

As the infection slowly came under control I began to worry about getting off it and my GP reduced it to 30mg bd. I didn’t notice any difference and the palliative care onc then gave me some 20mg and some 10 mg so that I could wean myself off. I did accidentally forget a dose on a couple of occasions and felt like I had flu until I “topped up”. When I went down to 20mg the pain was not a problem but I could no longer sleep. I decided, if I don’t need it for pain and I can’t sleep anyway I might as well get off it altogether. I am fed of feeling soooo tired and all these drugs on top of recovering from cancer treatment canot be helping.

I reduced through 20 and 10 in just a few weeks and stopped altogether yesterday. I woke up at 5 am in a hot sweat, feeling sick and with pain in my legs and feet. Some paracetomol and a Lorazepam got me through the night and the pain has now subsided but I feel shakey and weird. I’m afraid I googled it and found people claiming it would take 2 weeks, even from a short period of use. Several were saying things like “day 5 is the worst”. I don’t need telling that I should not have googled, but I wonder if anyone has experience/advice?

The pain is not a major problem. The infected area is painful to touch, but not if left alone. My joints are another matter, but I want to deal with that pain after I am clear of the Oxy.

Thankyou, in advance.

Bump (ouch)

I’m the only junkie here then? It’s 48 hours since I took the last tablet and I still feel generally unwell. I felt fine, althouth tired, before. My stomach is unhappy and I feel agititated inside. It’s hard to describe, but I want to move my arms and legs all the time. Had to take another Lorazepam as the agitatation started to feel more like internal itching when I tried to lie down and sleep. Really fed up of not feeling well. I’m like of those weeble thingys, I keep getting knocked down, then I get up again, and then it happens again.

I really would appreciate a comment from anyone who knows anything about this as hubby is starting to suggest I should take a small amount to try and feel better and then go to the doctor. I would like to think I have done the worst of this now and would prefer to press on, unless I find out that it is going to take weeks. Also very fed up of doctors. Just cos I get an appiontment with duty GP does not mean s/he actually know about this, their advice could easily be duff. If there is one thing I have learned from this horrific “journey” is that no 2 doctors will say the same thing and there is no definitive answer to any question.


Hi, I’m on Oxycontin at the moment, they are my first ever strong meds, I have bone mets so I expect I’m not much help to you but the palliative pain team sorted out my dose and I would advise perhaps you make another appointment to see them as they are the most knowledgable, I would think, about lowering doses and reducing the side effects from doing so. My Onc has said whatever you do don’t suddenly stop or reduce your dose so I guessed it must be quite an ordeal. I shall reduce my dose sometime but I’m not ready just yet. Good Luck, I hope it gets better for you.

CAn’t really answer directly but I did have abad time on oxycodone - basically zonked out on skunk weed was my OH’s description - sorry - typing only 1 eye and that hurts so bare with me and translate!! Itransitioned direct from oxycodone to hydro morphineat same level - 40 eqated to 6 or something and have habd no probelms at all. I do fluctuate my doseas I feelk I meed to from 2 to 6and again hae no trpuible. Iy may be oxycodonenisn’t an easy one tro tolerate. I kno most peopl are aon MST or Oraomoroh, which is th morebasicmorphine whichu is probably why you’re lacking in resonse. Hope this hekpos a little - I uedto type for a living -good jogb I’m retired I think - Ican’t readthis myselfbutguess it’s iffy!


Thankyou Belinda and Nina

At the time MST and Oramorph were not working and, when they tried to up the dose, it made me really sick. The Oxycodone was the only thing that stopped the pain, so I don’t regret taking it. It was great at the time, but the pain was from the infection and that is under control now, so I don’t need it for pain. I am so tired and dopey I want rid of the stuff. I have almost certainly titrated down too quickly and no-one told me what to do once I got down to 10mg bd. I expect they thought it would take longer and they could advise me later. But I thought that I have a week with nothing important to do and the weather is nice so lets get it over. The worst of the withdrawal was the flu-like stuff the first night and the bone pain in my legs. Now I just feel like I have a stomach upset and the agitated restless feeling. I also feel very sorry for myself again and keep crying, which I did have under control. Bah. I will ring the palliative care consultant’s secretary, as he works Thursdays, so maybe he will speak to me on the phone tomorrow.

Hope the Oxy is working for you Belinda - it was great whilst I actually needed it and I wouldn’t want to put you off. And, I had no problem working out your code Nina.

Thanks both, x