Paclitaxel and piriton

Hi everyone I was just wondering if someone could give me advice. I had my first paclitaxel last week. They gave me piriton in case of an allergic reaction. Piriton to me is like a strong sleeping tablet. As soon as they put it into my system I was asleep within 5 minutes slept all through my treatment and then was like a drunk zombie afterwards. I hate feeling like that. Does anyone know if there is anything else they can give you or is piriton the only option. Xx

Hi Anita, Piriton is the antihistamine that people take for strong allergic reactions (quite often people who need an epi-pen also use piriton) I personally take it quite regularly for skin rashes for eczema and it only makes me drowsy if I’ve used it over several days. It’s safe to use (so don’t worry about that) but if it’s making you feel so lousy, ring the advise line and they’ll be able to prescribe you a non-drowsy alternative I would have thought.
Take care xx

Hi Anita

I am now on paclitaxel (6 down and 6 to go) and like you have piriton what I have found is that the first 2 spaced me out a bit but the others I have had I have been OK, bibi one of the other members noticed that if the nurse injected slower she felt a bit better and had told me that so I asked my nurse to go slow i think it helped. Im not sure they can give any other antihidtamines with it but you could ask.
I sleep through treatment too and at the mo im with 2 other ladies on a Tues who are on it we all just sleep only waking up to confirm name, dob for nurses when they switch drip bags over its quite normal for paclitaxel I think

Hope you start to get on with it after number 3
Jen x

Hi Jen. Thanks for the information. I spoke with my oncologist in Monday and explained that the piriton and anti sickness were making me really spaced out for a few days. He has changed the anti sickness and taken off the piriton. Felt fine all through treatment yesterday stayed awake until gone 10 and actually feel quiet good today. Fingers crossed this will continue. Just waiting now for the dreaded hair loss?

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Glad they sorted it for you

Hair loss isnt nice but mines growing back on paclitaxel (I had 3 EC prior and lost it on that) so you may not lose it all or it may just thin x

Jen x

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