Paclitaxel buddies

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer after my 50th birthday mammogram in 2012. I had to have loads of lymph nodes taken out too. The cancer was ER positive and stage 3 so the timing of the mammogram was good!

At the end of May 2019 due to losing my voice I had a CT scan and was told the cancer had spread to my liver, and chest lymph nodes. It is also now in my spine. I tried abemaciclib with fulvestrant and then another one I have forgotten the name of but you need to have regular ECGs with it. I had to come off both after the tumours grew.

In January 2020 I started capecitabine which did well until my recent scan which showed the tumours in my lymph nodes had doubled to 20cm, the ones in my liver had increased in size and I had more spread in my spine. I have been off capecitabine for over 2 weeks and start paclitaxel tomorrow. My consultant says it will take the most out of me but should blast the tumours. I feel positive about it but had FEC-T in 2012 but only managed 2 out of the 3 taxotere before they stopped it. It did seem to clear the cancer though. Over the past two weeks I have felt constantly nauseous and have lost a lot of weight because I can’t seem to eat much. Salmon and sweetcorn and rice krispies are about all I can manage. I feel sadness all the time too because of my 17 year old daughter. She is so positive and optimistic that I feel awful. I have turned into a shadow of my former self. I am finding it hard to carry on being positive all the time. My friends and relations say I am strong but it is all pretend. 

I am not usually feeling so down so please don’t be put off me! I wondered if anyone else has had paclitaxel and what tips you can give. Or if you are having it do you want to be a buddy? I am having 12 lots of paclitaxel given over 3 weeks then one week off. I would be grateful too for advice on how to stop feeling nauseous. Thanks so much in advance. 


I’ll buddy you.

I’ve nearly finished my Paxlitaxel (had thirteen out of eighteen so five to go.)

PM me and I’ll talk you through.

Keep your chin up. 

Angel Eyes x


I’ll be your buddy. I start chemo on 19th. Am having carboplatin and paclitaxel. Once every 3 weeks for 2 cycles then a scan. 

I am also doing the COC protocol, with lots of supplements added in. If you don’t have it already, check out Jane Mclelland book How to Starve Cancer. It’s a positive inspirational read. 

You can do this

Best wishes

Susie x

Hi Bee, what a journey you’ve had. I think you show tremendous resilience and optimism. This is a good time we are living in, that we can be offered so many different treatments, and I hope this one is a winner for you. I have lung mets, and so far :crossed_fingers: I’m on the bog standard Letrozole + Palbociclib. I’m sure someone will be along soon who can buddy up with you, but I just wanted to acknowledge your post and wish you all the best for your treatment. :four_leaf_clover: :bouquet:

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Hi All,

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Please try and stay positive. My only advice is don’t just rely on conventional medicine. Have a look at Care Oncology in Harley Street. Buy the book How to Starve Cancer by Jane Mclelland. Available on Amazon. Take control of your body. 

I do both of these protocols. Have just finished chemo incl Paclitaxel. i found it brutal… But others have coped well. 

Consider medicinal CBD with a high THC ratio.

Look at Dee Mani Mitchell website and How to Starve Cancer website. This lady is causing a real wave in treating cancers of all types. You can do this… Wishing you well. Be positive xx