Paclitaxel buddy

Hi there,

I am starting Paclitaxel on Tuesday, in a bid to get some control over the secondaries in my liver. I have tried fulvestrant and Capecilabine both without success, unfortunately whilst on these treatments the cancer continued to grow in my liver.

Is anyone about to start or recently started this treatment and happy to buddy up with me?

Thank you xx

Hi, I’ve just finished my first 3 cycles, and waiting for first scan results. 

i had significant progression in liver whilst on a phase 1 trial, where one lesion grew to 8cm! So I’m hoping Pax has shrunk that a bit.

how are you doing?

Hi everyone

I have just been told I have progression in the liver.

I have been on ribociclib for about 10 cycles but its now stopped working.

I’m due to start paclitaxel ASAP. I have never had chemo so have no idea what to expect?

Any advice, tips?


Hi Jayne, Debs and Daisy,

I am also due to start Paclitaxel next week due to the fact that Capecitabine has stopped working and I’ve had some progression into my lungs now.  Its always so scary when a treatment change happens and the prospect of going back on IV chemo is pretty upsetting but hey - ho, we muster our courage and soldier on!

Happy to buddy up with you all and share experiences, tips and any bright ideas for combatting any side effects! I haven’t tried cold capping either, however it was offered to me but I am told it extends the treatment time by like an hour or something, and given I am on a weekly Pax schedule, I can’t be bothered with it! 

Interestingly, I’ve been told I’m on a weekly Paclitaxel schedule, which I’ve never heard of.  Has anyone else been told they’ll be on it weekly?  I’ve heard a few anecdotal stories that a lot of people get good results from Paclitaxel so keeping fingers crossed it does a good job for us all xxx

Debs - I have just had a portacath fitted and it is the best thing I’ve ever done.  I had mine under general anesthetic and there was no pain upon waking, just some itching, tightness and discomfort initially but nothing that paracetamol couldn’t sort out.  I’ve just used it to have bloods done and had a blood transfusion through it yesterday and it was amazing, I don’t even know its there and its so much easier for the nurses too.  Would highly recommend one - plus the bonus is you can still shower, swim etc. whereas with a PICC or Hickman Line, you can’t.