Paclitaxel for a year

Hi ladies

I have just been told by my oncologist that he wants to continue my paclitaxel indefinitely. Which is a bit worrying as i have not had any scans and thought i had finished the six months i had signed up for. Unfortunately he is now on holiday so im not getting any answers and i was just wondering if anyone else has had longer treatment then expected.

I have asked the chemo nurses but they dont seem to know so im at a bit of a loss. Just when my hair was starting yo grow back nicely it is again starting to fall out and the thought of another 6 months of this is filling me with dread.


Hi AnitaW_, 

I am sorry to hear you are going through this anxious time, I am sure some of our users will be along soon to show their support.

In the meantime you could always post in our Ask Our Nurses section of the Forum where one of our nurses will be able to get back to you. You can also call ourhelpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk through some of your questions around Paclitaxeland offer a friendly ear. The opening hours are below. 

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Wednesday 9am-7pm,
Saturday, 9am-1pm 

Best wishes, 


Hi Anita ,not surprised you are fed up when you thought you were coming to the end if treatment and then it is extended indefinitely .Did the Onc bit give you an explanation at the time?Very frustrating if you have questions and no-one to answer them.There must be someone else available in the clinical team who can answer your questions .Do you have a named breast care nurse still maybe they could get answers for you.You should get in the phone Monday and don’t give up til you have answers that help you understand better what is being recommended also whether there are alternatives to this .Good luck .Jill.