Him due to start a 12 week course if pacitaxel on 26th as I’ve just finished a 9week round of AC. Has anyone had weekly paclitaxel and how did it make you feel? I’m worried how long each week I may (hopefully not) feel unwell and what symptoms you had xx


Hi, I’m currently having weekly Paclitaxel. I’m due my 3rd one on Thursday. I also have Carboplatin and Pembro every 3 weeks. Last week was my first Paclitaxel on its own, and the hospital visit took about 2.5 hours. I seem to be getting added side effects every day at the moment. Very tired, sore mouth, slight numbness and tingling in my hands. I’m also having a bit of a skin reaction. All side effects are manageable at the moment, but I’m aware it’s cumulative and things could change. The feeling of always being drained is taking a toll on my mood, but I’m trying to remind myself every day that this is all short term in the grand scheme of things.

I’ll be moving to AC after this 12 weeks, and already pretty daunted by that.

Hopefully if you do have side effects they’ll all be manageable for you. 
Take care xx