Hi everyone


My partner has secondary cancer. She finished radiotherpay in March this year, but in May started devloping maculopapular lesions along the mastectomy scar area. There is also low volume metasatic disease in both lungs.


Her chemo cycles were stopped in November last year after her team decided that it would be best to proceed with the mastectomy and lymph node removal (12 in total) as a matter of urgency because she wasn’t responding to chemo. However, she didn’t have Paclitaxel. I think it was EC. And because they didn’t give her Paclitaxel, she has not been able to get on an immunotherapy clinical trial (it is one of the conditions that make you eligible to participte in the trial). 


She is due to start chemo again this month and this time they will give her paclitaxel.


I would be grateful for any views, opinions and advice about this drug.


Many thanks.

Hi. I’m not yet on this drug but have been told if my present regime doesn’t work then I will go on it. All I know is it would be back to hairloss etc and all that intravenous chemo entails.

Good luck to you and your partner. 


I see you have found the Taxol (Pacitaxel) thread lower down on this page so hopefully you will have been able to read through the posts to see what different experiences ladies have had on this chemo.  It is also used for primary BC so it’s worth checking those sections as well as you may get more idea of overall side effects and tips to help from the ladies who are having it for primary BC.  In my experience, as a secondary BC lady, the SEs tend to be the same whether you have secondary or primary BC although if you/your partner has other health issues then other SEs may show themselves. I have picked up most of my tips on how to deal with chemo from the primary BC boards (when I have had the same chemo as is used for primary BC) as you get a broader view/cross section of experiences as more ladies tend to be on it for primary BC at any one time as opposed to secondary BC ladies.

Nicky x

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