? Padgets Disease

Hi had very early BC 6 years ago surgery and Rads. High grade with MI .   Now have itchy nipple and spots near incision and nipple.  Feeling uncomfortable on and behind nipple. Have also had severe infected eczema on leg and this breast which has been diagnosed by a dermatologist consultant . Have had two weeks of strong antibiotics and a potent strong steroid cream to apply at night . Have appointment with dermatologist within a month of seeing her and treatment. Appointment is week on Monday .treatment  Is finished now.  My nipple still itchy and uncomfortable. Am getting worried now in case it’s padgets disease .  Should I worried or am I being silly.  My yearly mammogram is due in January 2018 so can wait till then as don’t want a fuss. I also have a slight burning as well .  Would the dermatologist know if it was BC . She wants to see me again because of my history and my family’s history. It probably is infected excema though finished treatment so what else could it be.  Had a scare 3 years ago on same breast had biopsy but all ok. Why would excema be in this breast why not the other breast  which is fine.

sorry to bother anybody here but would appreciate any advise please. 



Hi Beardies,
As you say, it probably is eczema, but also it would be good to get it properly checked out for your own peace of mind, especially as it has gone on for a bit.
Is it worth going to your GP? as it probably needs the breast clinic to sort this out for you, if nothing else, to hopefully exclude anything else which might be going on.
It might also be an idea to post in ‘ask our nurses’ if you feel you need to.
ann x

Beardies -get it checked by breast clinic if poss, Pagets is quite hard to diagnose unless your are a breast specialist -it will prob be nothing -but if it was Pagets it is easily treated ,but better to know and get it treated sooner rather than later if it was .