Paget's Disease of the breast?

Hi All,

Just wondering if there is anyone with experience of Paget’s Disease (of the

A good friend of mine has been diagnosed with this, and although I have kind of
scoured through the forums, I was wondering if there is anyone else out there in
‘cyber-city’ with such an experience?

Hugs to all on this journey,



Hi Merc,
I was diagnosed with Pagets in March, normal treatment for this is mastectomy, unfortunately I also had another tumor in breast,( completely unrelated to the pagets) , and extensive node involvement,now going on to have chemo and rads, think we are on the same May chemo forum, if she has any questions will be happy to share with her.

hiya Ginger,

what a coincidence!

I will let her know and perhaps she will contact you. I havent seen Pagets mentioned much on here and thought there must be other sufferers somewhere.

Thanks for letting me know - hope all is going well for you…

Hugs,Merc xxxx

Hi Both
I’ve recently been diagnosied with Pagets, I’m 32years old - you’re right there’s not much out there, especially for younger women. I’ve started writing about my experience so far as I’ve found it really helps to get all those crazy thoghts out of your head, and maybe it’ll help others one day too -
I’m going in for a skin sparing masectomy on Friday, I’m terrified but know it needs to be done and the most important thing of all is that y doing this I’m getting the cancer out and potentially saving my life. I’m sure that your friend appreciates all the wonderful support you are giving her, help her to stay strong and laugh as much as possible - it helps!
ZomersetGirl x