Pagets query

I had BC a few years ago and now my daughter aged 32 has just been to BC Clinic after emergency referal. She is currently breast feeding her 5 month old baby. Consultant said that itchy, weeping lesion on nipple and areolar is not an infection and needs to rule out Pagets disease, however she will not be able to biopsy area until my daughter has stopped breast feeding for 4 months. She didnt do any U/S, or other investigation. I dont understand why they cant take skin scrape to rule out eczema and do a punch biopsy of skin area as this would not initailly be a deep biopsy of breast. I am thinking should she be referred to dermatologist who would do skin biopsy? Or is there any other way other than sitting on it for another 4 months

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I have no idea why she would have to be sitting on this for four months. It makes no sense to me. I would definitely seek a second opinion. I don’t know if a dermatologist is that second opinion but it needs to be someone. I’ve heard of having to quit breast feeding for a good mammogram or even ultrasound but for a skin biopsy it makes no sense. A biopsy sees cells no matter what. It’s not like a scan where imaging can be more difficult to get a clear look depending on the body.

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Thankyou Kay Ill have a word with her on Tuesday and perhaps go to next appointment with her xx

Good luck! Chances are it’s nothing but you don’t wait four months to find that out.

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Hi @suez i was 6 weeks postpartum when I went for my biopsy and there wasn’t even a question of breastfeeding or not! They asked as a general follow up but it didn’t affect whether or not I could have biopsies and they did ultrasounds and mammograms regardless. Hope your daughter gets a proper referral ASAP even just for peace of mind x


Thankyou xx