Pain 2 weeks after finishing rads

Hi it iszalmost 2 weeks since i finished my 15 rads sessions and i have started getting sharp stabbing pains in my breast. It is around the area where my scar is. Has anyone else had this?

Hi Ali,

I think I remember something similar, it’s probably just the after effects of rads on the scar, obviously, check it out if concerned.

ann x

Hi Ali I think we had the same finish time for rads. Mine has become much redder around scar in particular and tender just these last few days. I also get the sharp pains you describe mostly at night. I was worried about infection but have put it down to after effects and waiting and seeing. X


Not experiencing pain as such, just a tenderness and feeling uncomfortable, especially at night. Also slightly swollen. Again just waiting to see if it goes before ringing BC nurse. Xx

Thank you for your replies. I have worn a soft bra top today and pains have lessened. Yes Pollyp i think we did finish at the same time and its good to know we are experiencing the same type of things - although we dont want them! I phoned my bcn and she said its normal and to take pain relief. She said it could also be nerve pain which might need painkillers from gp but upto now paracetamol is working. Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi Ladies, I finished my radiotherapy on 21st December and my reviewer and Oncologist told me that the radiotherapy will keep working for two weeks and the breast would get much worse before getting better. For the two weeks following completion it was just slightly red and since those two weeks I have been getting the little sharp pains. They feel just like the pains I had following the lumpectomy. The Radiologists told me its all the tissue, scars etc mending.

Today it seems to be a lot better, so hoping it will stay that way.

It also seems to have gone almost black under my breast above the scar :mansurprised:

Has this happened to anyone else? Try not to worry about the pains it’s only the natural healing process!