Pain after cyst aspiration

Hi all
Had a mammogram and ultrasound today, all looks fine, but they did an on-the-spot aspiration of an infected cyst and sent it off for analysis. It was simple, I was a brave bear. OK, to tell the truth, it didn’t really hurt at the time but… I went out after to catch the bus home, and my shoulder blade is so painful, I can barely hold myself upright, and my breast has become increasingly tender during the day. I am now in bed, absolutely in agony if I try and move.

Has anyone had this experience post-aspiration? I hate to make a fuss, there are so many brave ladies on this site and really inspirational stories, but I was expecting this aspiration to be painless and just get back on with stuff. In the back of my mind I am worrying that if the cyst was infected it might have spread, and that the shoulder blade thing is a referred pain.

All the articles on aspiration stop at the op, they don’t say what to expect after. Verdict: big baby, or brave lady? Any light on pain after aspiration would help.

Thanks x

hi there - no experience of cyst aspiration or aftermath but wanted to say that anyone who has a needle stuck in their breast is a pretty brave bear in my book…hope someone can advise and that you feel better very soon xxchipperxx