pain after lumpectomy

hi had lumpectomy just over two weeks ago although my boob is still pain full i have been getting a lot of pain in the nipple even though the scar is no where near it has any body else expericed this just wondering not worried at all just so anyoying lol


I still get pain in my nipple 4 months after surgery and my lump was no where near there, I also used to get lots of pain on the right hand side of my breast and the lump was on the left. My BCN and surgeon said this was quite normal every time I mentioned it and said it was due to nerve damage. The pain is much better but is still quite noticeable when I touch my nipple - it also feels different. Im noticing this alot lately as I am having rads and putting cream on several times a day.


Hi Roseric
I got a really sharp pain in my breast for months after surgery. I called it my “voodoo doll pain” as it felt like I was being stabbed with a large darning needle. When I mentioned this to the surgeon he said it was nerve pain and that at least I was alive!!! Which didn’t impress me much. I was told it would happen for quite a while and that it would settle down. To help I should massage breast when it happened (which I thought would be interesting to try in front of 30 pupils). It still happens occasionally and I’m nearly 6 years down the road. My lump and scar are not near my nipple either but my nipple on affected breast is less sensitive and doesn’t come fully erect (even with encouragement lol) so I can only assume this is nerve damage too.
So massage and smile!

hi thanks ladies for your reply yes nerve damage definatley figures didn,t think of that one although i should have as no feeling under arm were lymphs nodes were taken out although i am reasured this will come back.
chinook your surgeon sounds all heart mine had the personality of a wet mop but if it wasn,t for him i don,t know where i would be thankgod for them i say xx