Pain After Lymph Node Removal Surgery

On the 18th my wife had lumpectomy and sample lymph node removal done. The pain form the lumpectomy is not bad but a week and half after the lymph node removal site is still extremely painful. I got her to go for a car ride just to get her out of the house and she was miserable with every bump and turn. She describes the pain and either a massive saw blade was used under her arm pit or a 2x4" board under their.

How was the pain for others? Any suggestions on helping to ease the pain and speed/improve the healing?


I would get her to discuss with her unit so they can check all ok and wound healing ok. It can take a bit of time for things to settle after op. I used one of those bean bag travel vision things under the seatbelt and to start with braced myself in the car seat because every pot hole in the road used to send me into orbit. But definitely get it checked with the unit to ensure all ok :heart:Hope this helps ??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Hi asjones. I think it is especially nice when concerned husbands post. That said, your wife has had major surgery and needs time to heal both physically and mentally. Sage advice from Shi; if in doubt contact hospital.

My experience (roughly similar op) was that the lymph node incision was more painful than the incision to remove the tumour. Assuming we are talking about the armpit… your wife should have been given advice on discharge from hospital, as regards exercises to keep the arm/shoulder moving. There is a perfectly natural and understandable  tendency to subconsciously ‘hold yourself’ which can make you more stiff/sore, than necessary. I can only describe it as wanting to have your arm in a sling. I found something soft and stretchy but which gently held things in place, helped. Comfort is the key word and accepting there is no fast-track cure, just patience. Also there is risk of lymphodema, after this surgery, so bumpy/twisty car rides, with a seatbelt in the mix,  possibly not as therapeutic as a gentle stroll in these early days.

Hello I hope your wife will feel much better soon. 

In September I had a full mastectomy with immediate deep flap reconstruction which all went fine. However the lymph node sampling which took four nodes was much more painful. At three weeks post surgery I had been unable to wash properly as it was simply too painful. I found this very worrying. But by four weeks it was much better and at five weeks felt completely better and now gives me no trouble whatsoever. So grin and bear it for just a little longer and most likely the pain will resolve. In the meantime give her lots of (gentle) hugs and let her know how much she is loved