Pain after picc line removed.

Hello everyone,


i finished my treatment back in August and had my picc line removed shortly after.

since then i have swelling around my elbow joint and pain from there up the inside of my arm.  Sometimes going down inside to my wrist.

had my 3 monthly review/checkup recently with my chemo dr, told her about my symptoms,  she examined my arm and sent me for a scan to see if i might have a blood clot…Nothing was found thank goodness but she couldnt say why i was getting this pain.


ive been googling it and i think i have read Somewhere that you can get vein damage.


anybody else have pain in the arm after picc line removed ???
mini mad xx ??




I was researching this very same question and ran across this I also had a pic line and since it’s been removed my arm hurts very bad all the time and they to had no reason as to why