Pain after radiotherapy and Surgery


After some advise, I finished my treatment over two months ago and I was really happy with how I was healing and hardly had any pain etc.


i woke up Saturday morning in pain, my nipple is so sore, even wearing clothes is making it hurt, the pain is now travelling into my arm pit.


Should I go to the doctors or is this normal ???

thanks xxx

I think, Saz, that after what we/ you have been through , normal is hard to define. I would always recommend seeing a medical person if you have any body changes or worries. There could be lots of things going on that would cause pain, and certainly rads are known for causing effects up to two years after treatment has finished. Hormone treatment can also cause joint pains , and with surgery , nerve endings need to knit together, which also causes pain. However, do get it checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry. X

Hi Saz


I’d get it checked out. I had a full mastectomy and thought radiotherapy was a doddle. Then 2 months later, the pain set in: a severe bruising kind of pain exactly matching the rectangle of my treated ‘breast’ and the underarm side route the beams also took. A further 5 months on, I still have this personal microwaving, though less painful and limited to the area immediately around my scar. I’m told by my oncologist this is normal and not linked the hormone therapy which is causing horrible joint and muscle pain now, after an easy start. Amitryptiline, Gabapentin or Pregabalin are all effective against the radiotherapy pain, especially if you have neuropathy from chemo. You have to find the right one for you. That’s if you could bear taking yet more medication!


I’m guessing there is light at the end of that tunnel but I’m still waiting lol. Good luck.

Hi hope you are feeling better, I’m the same I finished radio therapy 4 weeks ago and the last 10 days my armpit is swollen and bumpy over scar and so painful, was told infection then told it’s not, possibly due to radio therapy, I’ve got very poor movement. I’ve been referred to Lymphoedema clinic but my arms not swollen just armpit, I’m also shattered I feel cold and fluey without the flu, honestly I don’t know what’s going on xxx