Pain after surgery

Hi Girls

Is ther anyone out there that can give me some advice as to how long they had pain after masectomy and snb. I am two weeks post op and still in a lot of pain, and am taking tegretol 100mg per day and paracetamol 4x a day, but it doesn’t seem to be helping a lot. Any recommendations, suggestions will be gratefully received.



Hi Heather

I am going through the same thing actually. I had surgery two weeks ago also and am stil in a lot of pain where they removed my lymph nodes and affected the nerves. I am going for some physio this afternoon as am told this should help - maybe you could try that?? I have been taking paracetomol and diclofenac but am still in pain. Am hoping to see my surgeon this afternoon also so will let you know what advice he gives me

Take care

Amber x

yes, mine was 4 weeks ago and i still get alot of pain. try asking your doc for tramadol, it helps, he may combine it with paracetamol, but im on just tramadol 50mg, and i can take paracetamol with it

Hi Magdal 1979

I unfortunately cannot take tramadol as they gave me that in hospital and my blood pressure went down to my boots and ended up stood on my head in the bed, very scary, so that one is out at present, I have found that having a shower, and spraying the area with warm water helps, but am seeing my gp on monday as I need another certificate for work, think I will ask him if anything else will help