pain and lumps in breast, 25 day wait, so scared


Have had pain in left breast for about 4 weeks and a lot of thickening but I couldn’t feel one lump, just lots of bumps. Waited to see if improved after monthly cycle and still there. In fact over the weekend the pain woke me at night.

saw GP Monday who noticed swelling and immediately felt the thickening and found a lump. Referred me on 2 week referral but I go n hols next Friday (just under 2 weeks). Called today to see when I’m likely to hear and was told average wait is 25 days. She said gp has marked as very urgent so I’m on cancellation list.

cant really afford to go private but the pain is getting worse daily and I’ve found another lump. Not sure whether to try and put on credit card but it is £250 just for consultation. Scans etc extra.

i just don’t know that to do. 

Has anyone ever had thickening, lumps and pain and it been ok? 

Sorry for long post, I’m so scared

It is £500 for mammogram and ultrasound on BUPA if you can afford that I would go for it … because that is what I did and within four weeks had had biopsies and surgery on NHS 

Hi Karen,

Mostly any breast change turns out to be nothing serious, including what you describe, but the most important thing is you’ve done all you need to in getting it checked out. Obviously, if you go privately that’s down to you & although waiting for appointments is stressful, it will get sorted out before long.

Let us know how you get on.

ann x