Pain and lumps în one breast


I have a pain in my left breast for over 2 weeks. I have only checked my breast when I was breastfeeting, and normal, there were lumps. When the the pain didn’t go, I have checked them and there was a lump where the pain was stronger. In the summer I had a chest pain that I thought that was my harț, but now, I think it was my breast. Today I found another one, near my arm,but I am on my period, and I don’t know if It is normal to have lumps, only at one breast, in this period of the month. I will have a scan on the 3thd of december. Should I worry? 

What you describe is the same thing I went through a few months ago. The issue is ongoing, it won’t go away anytime soon, but the good news is that for the moment at least, cancer isn’t an issue. However, I do advise you to check your breasts routinely, once every 3-4 months preferably as monitoring is essential to prevent the development of cancer.