Pain and Stiffness in all joints

Has anyone else had the same experience. I finised chemo in Aug, then had surgery and now completing radio. After surgey I was feeling great and really getting back into the swing of things. However, for the last six weeks I have had the most horrendous pain and stiffness in all my joints from my feet to my fingers. Docs have ruled out any rhumatoid inflammation, I am on no medication as I am oestrogen negative. Chemo has put me into the full time menopause. Pain is so bad I have difficulty getting our of bed and it does not ease of and is getting worse. Walking is difficult and pains keep me awake at night

Interested to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar as docs and hospital at a loss?

Hi there

yes I have the same thing, I was told that it is a symptom of the menopause by my Onc I saw last week and chemo as well, I am triple neg, they were worried about mine so I have had a bone scan but they dont think it is anything sinister…

you are not alone so I hope this helps



I’m also triple negative and have suffered the aches and pains as well. I finished my rads 5 weeks ago and was expecting to be feeling fit and healthy by now, instead I feel about 90!! Apparently, it can be a legacy from chemo as well as menopausal symptoms - all good fun eh?

Love Julie xxx

I am triple negative, finished chemo in August and now have terrible stiffness. I have posted about this subject before and went to see my GP last week. I had blood tests for Polymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis but nothing showed up and the surgery told me no further action required. I don’t know what to do next. Should I ask for a bone scan? I have difficulty climbing stairs, getting out of the bath, crouching down and kneeling etc. all things that elderly folk find difficult. What with this and coping with hot flushes and sweating, I feel quite miserable at times!

Any suggestions for getting back to normal?

Love Judith

My daughter too has been really bad this week with aching and pain in joints. She has IBC. She finished chemo on Oct 1st and is due for surgery … mastectomy and recon … next week, Nov 12th and has been told to do some exercises to tone up back muscles but she says she hasn’t been able to do them properly as she aches so much especially in legs and arms. Before this last week she was feeling really good now that chemo has finished but tonight she could hardly lift up her arms when i saw her. She is now getting worried and wondered if i would ask about this on this site. She has been having Zoladex implants since May and wondered if it was to do with that or is it the aftermath of chemo. At 33 she is feeling like an old lady and then has to face surgery next week. She walks every day to try to keep fit and to keep her muscles moving but it is getting difficult especially first thing in the morning when she can hardly walk down the stairs. As there are quite a few of you in the same boat I decided to tell you about Lisa hoping that someone will come up with the answer. She is going to ring the breast care nurse on Monday to see what she says. If we find the answer I will post it on here for you. Its a worry isn’t it especially when, like Lisa, you are normally full of bounce.
Love Sue

Hello folks,

I have just joined the website and have noticed the email string above, hence the reason for the delay in replying.

I have just finished chemo and undergoing radiotherapy and am also experiencing paiinful joints and limbs. I mentioned this to my Oncologist and he advised that when I had the chemo my muscles relaxed and now they are tightening up. Also, to add insult to injury, my dropping oestrogen levels are also adding to the pain. I have started to take Glucosamine Sulphate tablets and this seems to be easing the problem - at least the problem is now only a nuisance first thing in the morning and in the evening. I am due to start tamoxifen in 10 days time and I am hoping that this does not complicate matters further!

Best wishes, Pauline