pain and swelling in knee and upper leg.....

I’ve been looking through the threads here to try and find someone with similar symptoms and now I wonder I’ve decided to see if anyone out there can advise me?

I finished treatment last july (the whole works) for 75mm grade / stage 3 bc plus all the lymph nodes they could find were positive (all 3 of them!)

Since December I have been back and forth to my doctor and consultant about a swollen knee and swelling in my upper leg. Over time the pain has got worse to the point that I went to A & E one night to rule out a DVT (following advice from NHS direct). Also the swelling seems to be in the groin area.

I last saw my GP a month ago and he just doesn’t seem concerned. I don’t want to be endlessly going back and forth but when the pain is bad (which it can be at night) i go to quite a dark place imagining the worst.

Would bone mets cause swelling or tightness? And who should I go back to? my GP or the breast unit where I was treated?

Any advice gratefully received

To put your mind at ease, I had quite extensive bone mets in my thigh/hip and there wasn’t any swelling at all! My pain was more joint pain, it only hurt when I was moving, never when resting.

However anyone who has had stage 3 BC, should surely be listened to and sent for x-rays/scans to rule out secondaries. If I was you I would go back to your GP and ask to be sent for scans. I don’t think it sounds like bone mets, but ruling them out would certainly help you sleep better!

Good Luck x

Sorry to hear you’re having tough time.
I agree with Nicky, I think you should get it checked out if only for peace of mind. Try your GP again or maybe ring your BCN nurse or can you pop into breast clinic to see her?
It was my BCN who was the one who picked-up on my pain and got my scans arranged, unfortunately for me, it was bone mets spine/ribs/sacrum.Pain doesn’t necesarily indicate a problem but with your history they should be listrening to you and arranging investigations to rule out cancer and to stop your imagination going into overdrive!
Good luck, hope you get things sorted soon, let us know how you get on.
Julie x

I agree. If it was me I would phone my BC Nurse and have a chat and perhaps ask if you could see your Oncologist to have it checked out. I have bone mets and have not experienced what you describe. But why sit and worry and be in discomfort when there may be something they can do to alleviate the problem. You have been putting up with the pain for long enough. You need to ask to get it checked out. Let us know what you decide to do. Val

Hi greenfingers

I agree with the others and would certainly urge you to seek advice from someone you trust and feel confident that they will listen to your concerns. You have a right to know what is causing the pain and swelling. It could be so many different things causing this for you and you should be given relevant tests/investigations to get to the bottom of it. Like you, I would be anxious after your recent bc daignosis and treatment, that is understandable. However, I do hope that there is another less sinister reason for these symptoms.

I wish you well.

Take care, J.

Wow ladies, thank you for all posting back so quickly.

Your comments are useful and this morning I will get on with it and call the BCN. I realise there is a part of me that doesn’t want to deal with it if there is a problem as I’m just getting things in my life back together again.

This morning the pain is really bad and I feel low and lacking energy. But your encouragement will get me on the phone to explore further.

Thanks again so much for taking the trouble to respond.

Wishing you all well

Hi greenfingers,
I too have greenfingers lol, thats my job :o)
But also I too have bone mets and have had similar pain, so much so i was walking with a stick, i had a scan to rule out DVT, like you, but came back saying nothing but then was ordered another 8 days later and they found extensive DVT for which I am injecting myself everyday for. Nothing to do with the mets, so maybe worth asking for another scan, just to check again.
Take care, hope you get it sorted soon, mine has imroved, no end and the dog apprietiated her extended walk this morning :o)
Clare x

Hi potmaid

Lucky you working in horticulture. I’ve just been out potting up baby veg plants for a seed and plant swap at work :slight_smile: makes me very happy.

Hope your DVT improves now, it’s incredibly useful to share experiences as I realise we are in this odd situation of having to watch out and be vigilant and yet paradoxically, not wanting to be a hypocondriac and get on with life. Well, this is how I feel.

I took dicloflex today to deal with the pain and made appt with dr for early next week.

Thanks again


Hi greenfingers

I agree with others and also think you should get it checked out.