pain and worried

Hey all
cant believe I am posting here again 3 years after my first scare.
I had a cyst on my right breast after a lot of pain and worry. I was 26 at the time. I was admitted to hospital after my doctor was concerned after the 3rd trip there complaining of pain and had scans etc. I was then booked in for a biopsy and somehow my cyst had disappeared. it was put down to hormonal changes in my body and after taking some menstual supplement tablets it died down and went away.
Beginning of this year the pain came back - went to my new doctors (I moved to Bristol in 2007) she examined me and said there was nodule hardening but was nothing to be concerned about, Lumpy breasts are unfortunately what some people have and told me to keep an eye on it and come back if worried.
This week I have had alot of pain in my right breast and today I examined myself and there is a massive hardening from top of breast to nipple which is very tender. My breast also looks engorged and is painful to touch. Very similar to how it was in 2006.
Am I panicking for nothing or should I go back to the doctors? I am supposed to be going on holiday in a weeks time but dont want to worry the whole time im there really.
any advice helpful.

PS I recently went back on the pill 3 months ago could this be a cause of the changes?

Hi there

I really think you should go to the doctors - get an emergency appointment so you don’t have to wait. If you explain the symptoms I’m sure they’ll see you straight away.

If they want to refer to you the breast clinic at least you can get the ball rolling. I’d explain about your holiday and take advice from the doctor.

Hopefully this is just what happened before but it’s not worth the risk of not getting it checked out properly. I really don’t want to frighten you but I had lobular cancer that presented in a similar way (although I’m quite a bit older than you as I’m 45) - I only say this because I think you should get it checked.
Good luck
elinda x

I am at parents in London at the moment but managed to get appointment for Thursday with my own female doctor who I saw before. At least if i get a referral i know it will be on the way to getting sorted.

So sorry you are posting again, but pleased you’ve managed to get an appointment.If your mind is still not at rest, get a second opinion.

Glad you’ve got the appointment. It really does seem the best thing to do.

I’ll keep fingers crossed for you.
elinda x

should i be worried that I bled after having sex today? Or am I just being paranoid? It cant be related can it really?

I don’t know of any reason why this would be related although I’m certainly no expert. I should think it would more likely be to do with you going on the pill. Did you have any problems with periods or bleeding before you went on the pill? Are you up to date with your smear tests? I had some problems when I went on the pill as it caused some changes to the cervix which led to bleeding or so I was told at the time - it wasn’t cancerous but I did have my cervix treated.

This is though something you should definitely talk to your GP about when you see her on Thursday. Don’t worry that you’re going in about two things. It may be that the common factor in both is the pill.

You do need both to be looked at this week to ensure that there is nothing serious underlying either.

I don’t know if you have rung the helpline? I have found them very helpful as the nurses operating it are so knowledgeable.

I’m going in to hospital tomorrow so I’ll say lots of luck to you.
take care
Elinda x

Had another thought - isn’t break through bleeding one potential side effect of starting on the pill? Could be that having sex triggered some of that…
Still think you should definitely get all checked though.
Elinda x

Good luck at the hospital.
I have rung for an emergency appointment today as cant wait til thursday cos my breast hurts too much.
I have been on the pill for 3 months but not had any problems before but sometimes I do get bleeding as its a mini -pill with no week break.I had a smear test recently so i think its prob related to the pill.
Thanks for your help.

I’m glad you’ve got an earlier appointment because you’ll be worrying all the time otherwise.
take care and hope all is good.
Elinda x

Just got back. Apparently there is a lot of glandular activity but she doesnt think its anything to worry about - its mastalgia which is what I had in 2006 to begin with. She said there would be no point referring me at this time as I wouldnt beable to cope with the tests as its too painful. She said that I might have to come off the pill I am on - even though I went on it cos it has no estrogen in it - it might be doing more harm than good.
I almost cried I got quite emotional in there - i am not sure if I am entirely happy with diagnosis. It doesnt feel right. She has prescribed painkillers to get rid of the pain and if im still not happy and the inflammation etc is still there then I am to go back.