Pain at radiotherapy site

I have lived with pain at the site of my op for five years and the oncologist said that it probably wouldn’t go. Wearing a bra and being cuddled was an ordeal. Two weeks ago I had a foot detox. The week after I had unbearable pain at the site and heavy boob just like when I first had the radiotherapy followed by skin weeping and a sweet smell. Now two weeks later I am free of pain!

This might seem an odd question but what is a foot detox?

Well google it there is a lot of talk of it being a scam but it works like a normal foot bath except it has an electrode in the water that conducts a current to start electrolysis. This dies something to the positive ions in the body. Complicated but basically it seeks out heavy metals and removes them through osmosis. Expect to sweat after as the skin is the largest organ for removing toxins from the body. Worked for me and cost £39 for the half hour. I feel so much better

I’ll have a look, :slight_smile: