Pain beside left nipple

Hi, Im 42, and had to go the BC 18 months ago because of itchy, dry flaky skin on my right breast. I had a mammogram and the results came back normal.

But today, while I was packing up my caravan ready to go on hols tomorrow, I noticed that the side of my left nipple is sore, and is firmer than normal!
Only noticed this as I was bending down to pick stuff up. It seems to have appeared “over night” as its the first time Ive noticed it even tho I check my breasts on a regular basis.

Im supposed to be going away at 7am saturday morning, and it is now 2.30 friday afternoon!

Im so confused…and scared too!!


Is there any way you can get an emergancy appointment with your doctor before you go. Receptionists are very good at slipping you in when its a change in the breast. It takes two weeks for an appointment at a breast clinic to come through, so you could then go off on holiday whilst you are waiting.

Are you staying in the uk?? Is it possible to see a GP where you are staying, they could then refer you to a hospital near your home.

Hi, I rang gp earlier, and the earliest app they could fit me in was monday morning!!

they said if there was any further changes while Im away, then I was to go see the local GP…we are going down south so that should be ok.

they want to see me morning after I come home either way.

i dont know what sort of person you are. can you file this away as something that can be sorted out later, or will the whole thing take over your brain and spoil the holiday/

when i found my lump i was expecting my daughter and her son for a visit and there was not way i was going to let a visit to the docs inerfieer with that.

I think if it was me i would wait till you get back, unless you are going to freak out about knowing. Presumably you are not going by yourself, how will your partner react to all this?

i hope you have internet access on your hols, this website will be a godsend if you suddenly start to worry and want to chat