Pain down arm

Having had pain only on the operation site up until now, I have discovered that I now have a rather nasty pain running from the armpit down towards my wrist.  Is this normal?  I was at the hospital this morning, getting the incision checked, and was given the all clear.  At that stage I had the bruised feeling, but it’s getting worse.  Probably absolutely nothing, just curious to have that confirmed.


It may be that I forgot I had an operation and did something I shouldn’t do - I did feel a “pull” this morning when dressing. 


I have also entered a weird stage where this is no longer happening to me, and it’s just a cut on my breast.  Is THAT normal?  I suddenly feel like a fraud, and it’s not happening to me at all!



Hi pecan

Sounds like you might have just pulled it abit, but check with bcn just to be sure.

Also perfectly normal to feel like it can’t possibly be me! Probably a survival method…just our way of dealing with it all.

Do you know your follow up treatment yet?

Sue xx