Pain following surgery

Hello my first time to forum. Merry Christmas Day to everyone.


i had right mast implant and SNB with chest drain and pico pump dressing. Have got triple negative breast cancer diagnosed 5th dec .


obviously I have pain, but when I sleep at night I get the most horrendous back pain all across my back. I’m on paracetamol and coedine taking regularly. I just can’t get comfortable have tried pillows pilled up and down x 

Did anyone else have this. Any suggestions as I’m really tired . During the day have pain in right arm and side. Xx 



Hello welcome to the forum and a very happy christmas to you as well.


I am not able to help you with the pain issue relating to your mx but I have bumped this up so that one of the ladies who has had one might come back to you.


I would suggest that you give your breast team a call on Wednesday and ask their advise.  Just a suggestion are you able to perhaps try to sleep in a more sitting up position to see if that helps, perhaps with more pillows behind you.


I do hope that you find relief from this pain.


I had a wle and snb and know that in terms of pain in the arm, I did experience quite a bit but it was to do with everything knitting back together again and the nerves repairing so that might be what you are experiencing.


Helena   xxx

Hi I had a left mx and SNB on 19th December, I have been sleeping, with the assistance of a V shaped pillow, more or less upright and found this works for me, I have pain under my arm and down my my arm, in fact more so than the op site itself, keep on top of painkillers even if you feel ok. I hope it resolves for you, tiredness on top of pain is draining! Good luck and best wishes x jane

I had my mx snb and recon on the 14th and still sleeping in a really odd position I am propped up with my arm raised slightly by a pillow and my legs also raised on a pillow or 2  - I usually sleep on my side so it’s took me a good few nights to find somewhere near comfortabl and it definitely improved once the drain came out. . Pain wise it’s getting manageable now though the area where they took the nodes is really sensitive so still on painkillers in the evening. Hope you are managing some sleep now. 

The pain under my arm and down it , is the most uncomfortable, feels numb, like it doesn’t belong to me , if that makes sense? , the shooting electrical pain which is quite intense! Hoping it’s the nerves waking up again ?, seeing the surgeon today for the drain out and will ask about this, I’m still sleepy more or less upright, can’t wait to lie on my side ?x

Hi yes my surgeon confirmed, the ‘electrical ‘ pain is normal and it is the nerves waking up so to speak, glad you’ve said on here it dies down, and that the numb feeling under the arm goes eventually!
My surgeon confirmed that the mx had cleared ALL the cancer and that the nodes were clear, so no further treatment just hormone tablet for 10 years!
The relief was incredible! Obviously the op to get over but emotionally feeling a 1000 times better x

Thanks Helena x

Oh no, I’m only 2weeks post mx and reconstruction, and am finding the pain and strange sensation under my arm the most problematic of it all, I am trying to exercise but it feels so tight! I was hoping it would improve slowly but 12 months ?xx hope yours improves soon xx