Pain from neuropathy

Looking for people’s experiences of what works for pain from peripheral neuropathy .Did Amytryptaline help and with sleep ? Did anyone try Gabepebtin - I’m a bit wary of side effects but pain is meaning I’m getting 2 hours sleep a night at the moment   :frowning_face:

Hi Jill

I was given amitryptiline for severe rib pain several years ago and it was a little miracle. Unfortunately, it had a slight effect on my heart so it’s on my list of drugs not to take. However, my friend had it for shingles with excellent results and no ill effects. As it is an anti-depressant, it does help with sleep too.

I was first prescribed gabapentin for my neuropathic pain (which grew worse the further away from bc treatment I was!). It was quite good in controlling the pain but I got a very dry mouth/throat so I was changed to pregabalin. This is not as effective on the neuropathic pain as gabapentin but brilliant for anxiety so I have kept with this. The neuropathic pain is a lot better and different, more peculiar sensations (like icy water running down my arm) rather than pain. Obviously the pain wiring is still playing havoc in my brain lol. 

I have to say I have gained a fair bit of weight (from a very thin baseline) but this might be the anastrozole as easily as the pregabalin. I just don’t know. As I also have bouts of fatigue, I’d be reluctant to blame sleepiness on pregabalin but once I’m asleep, I’m out for the count. 

I would say give it a try. Neuropathic pain is not only painful but disconcerting and hopefully you won’t need it for long. I hope you find something x

Hi Jill1998,

Just to share. 

By the way, are you given the Amitriptyline in oral form or in cream form?