Pain in armpit and bicep after Lumpectomy and SNB

I feel bad asking as my surgery is minimal compared to a lot of the threads on here but was wondering why I am getting pain in my armpit and upper arm (similar to where PICC line ran but that’s gone now) after my surgery a week ago.

The wounds themselves are fine and I have had little pain from them. I am doing my exercises but still have this ache all the time and if I stretch my arm above my head it pulls. I can’t see any obvious cord like I see in some pictures so was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.




Clare, I got a lot more pain and discomfort in my armpit than my breast after surgery and also my arm,when I spoke to my BC nurse she said you have a lot more nerve endings in your arm pit than breast also more likely to get swelling there ,she also said the position they put your arm in for surgery can lead to pain discomfort there.One week is very early days for healing , I guess you must have an appointment with surgeon soon?If not you could ask nurse to have a look if you are worried.

My underarm was so much more painful than the actual lumpectomy and took longer to feel normal. As you say its as if its pulling. I didn’t gut pain in my upper arm though. I had a problem with my boob scar and popped to see my nurse at my GP surgery, maybe you could do that to put your mind at rest 

Hi Claire
I had mammoplasty and sentinel node biopsy on 2nd December. I can honestly say I have had more pain from the biopsy than from the breast surgery. Today has been the first pain free one, some 2 and a half weeks on.After about 10 days I have found that using E45 cream to gently massage the area and putting a cold flannel (keep it in the fridge) on the underarm area with my arm stretched above my head, supported on the back of the sofa for 15. Mins I do both twice a day. My consultant told me about the massage and I picked up the cold flannel on this forum. It has really helped me as I have had some seroma. I usually do my physio exercises then massage etc. Hope this helps Claire. I think just give yourself time, hard I know as I am impatient to return to normal stuff. Just look after yourself. Keep posting Claire this forum can usually give you the answer to most questions if not the support is always there.

Hi clare! It took me 5 weeks to become fully pain free in the armpit.however I did keep have problems with this area, hence the long time. My breast became sore after week 3 due to all nerve endings trying to heal. My nipple is still super sensitive on occasion. Hope you are doing well though

My underarm was so painful too. Just had another op 3 weeks after first on breast and my arm pit is still more painful than my breast.
Really scared now for what’s next ?

I had surgery last weds no pain in my beast but upper arm and armpit sore…saw post about using a cold flannel  to sooth area so will defo try that. I have had my bra on all the time, I am wondering if everyone else kept theirs on? It’s getting really uncomfortable now, when I was discharged I forgot to ask how long I should wear it for. Feel a bit lost with all of this to be honest 

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