Pain in arms following chemo

Following my rounds of chemo I am experiencing pain in my lower arms, after speaking to my nurse it is my veins constricting from the chemo… I had a cannula.
Has anyone else experienced this and did you find anything that helped ease it?

I had this when I was receiving chemo. The hospital gave me Hiradoid gel, which eases the inflammation around your veins. In fact, 18 months down the line they sre giving me pain, so using it again now. Anti inflammatory gel also helps, but check with your nurse. Also, i bought a small electric blanket off Amazon, which also helped. I hope you are doing ok with your treatmentand you get it sorted. Xx

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My oncologist told me to stretch my arms/veins (even if it hurt) to help prevent tightening. Do seek advice from your team.

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My oncologist wouldn’t administer mine via a cannula and insisted on a port/PICC as they said my veins wouldn’t survive more than one chemo round and they can’t use my left veins due to axillary node clearance? Are the scheduling you for a central line?