pain in bones

Hi iys now been 2 years since my op im 50 had 7 months of chemo and 6 weeks of rads although im clear i have been left with extremely sore joint to the extent where i cant move without pain has anyone else had this i cant take pain killers stronger than paracetamol and docs are waste of time

Sorry to hear about your pain, Joanne. I know you say docs are a waste of time but unfortunately it is necessary to go to them for answers. I suggest you write your exact symptoms down on paper and then hand it to your GP rather than try to explain in person. Obviously you will then be able to discuss it in more detail.

Good luck,

Joanne - Sorry if this is an obvious comment but you didn’t say whether you are on hormone therapy, as this can cause joint pain.

Ann x

Hi there,
is it the Joanne who was having the same treatment as me through chemo and then stopped when on cmf? B chemo brain loses facts much easier than before. Anyway just wanted to wish you well and won’t waffle on incase I am having a crazy moment.
I have been having 2 year scans - CT and bone scan and mammos next month
Lily x

Hi Lily, are you post-menopause? I had bad joints when going through, along with hot flushes etc. I tried cod liver oil capsules, and also glucosamine, I remember I had to do some research on the internet to find the best doses. Joints are much improved now the worst menopause symptoms have eased, I just have sore feet! You should mention it to your GP or Onc, I was told I would need a bone density scan because of early menopause, wonder if that’s connected at all? He said I might need some supplements for that.
Hope you can sort something out.


Hi Joanne42

I am 52 and was diagnosed with BC in Nov 2006. I had a mx and full lymph node clearance with 2 nodes positive in Dec 2006. I had 8 chemo 4 epi/4cmf and am now on Tamoxifen. My joints have become more painful as time goes on and like you I have a very unsympathetic dr and I often wonder why I bother waisting time and energy going as I feel worse when I come back because I feel they dont believe me. The past few days the pain in my knee as almost unbearable, then when I take strong painkillers they make me feel unwell. Hopefully when I come off the Tamoxifen I will feel better. I can really sympathise with you and often come on here just to get some support. I am waiting on tram flap reconstruction later this year which I hope will lift my spirits a bit.

Take care

Carolyn x