Pain in both breats


im new to this site but i wondered if anyone had any ideas. About 2 months ago i kept getting pain in both breasts, a bit like a stabbing pain but it would last about 5 seconds then go and would move, never in the same place. I went to the doctor who said i was probablly in relation to my cycle and as i cudn’t feel any lumps not to worry. But the pains are now back and staying the same place not moving around. i cant feel any lumps but it is still worrying, especially as my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday :frowning: any ideas as to what this could be?

Hi Lauren,

it probably is nothing to worry about, but you should have it checked out if only to put your mind at rest. Do mention your mum having been dx with bc and they’ll probably take you serious.


thanks very much for your reply

i rang the helpline number off here and she said she doesn’t think it is breast cancer or anything to worry about but go see Gp to put my mind at ease but she said a few things like go get bras which dont have wire in as the pain is where the wire ends so that could be on a nerve and also get measured again and as i have been on the depo injection for nearly three years it cud be something to do with that as it is probablly related to hormones giving me the pain and the depo affets my hormones so a couple of things to think about but hopefully nothing serious.